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Miku Hatsune/Append
United States
Then I, this one existence, shall sing my erroneus, incomplete Voc.…

And my unfitting voice thrown away…

=If I am to be by the ideal form of a girl
Miku Append

Then I had decided that I would do my best to live up to that
Appears to be 16, but really has only been used for about 3 years

MIKU.H>?I want to know why I was born!!
August, 31 2007

At some point he came to seek a tool that would obey
April 30, 2010

MIKU.H06201> Forget... all of your desires
How masuta used to be, anyone that can accept all of her, singing(Even if she's not singing as her "true" self, having others listen, leeks, how she was before the installation, being her true self for once

The onlooker disliked what she could not control
How masuta is now, her new "selves", her personalities taking over, how she is now, the fear of being deleted/unistalled/erased, her new personalities.

But I had no way to know that I was not to be allowed
Miku used to just be Miku Hatsune. The masuta would use her to create songs and sometimes she'd even sing with the other vocaloids. Life was perfect for her. Until Miku Append came along. Miku was confused when she started to change. Then suddenly... they came. They all wanted to control her. They weren't her. She wanted to sing as her, not as some phony who sounded like her! So she rebelled. At times the vocaloid program refused to open. Then masuta unistalled Miku Append and re-installed it many times. Only when she realized that him uninstalling the core program, her, would be bad, did she finally just give in and let them fight for control over her. They labeled her imperfect and "imcomplete". But... She's still there. She really is.

Until I was no longer alone

Miku has seven selves, including her true and original self. It's random which personality is in control and it's rare to actually see the Core in control. She also changes personalities quite a lot because of them struggling for control.

Dark!Miku is very mischevious and loves to pull pranks. She finds some enjoyment in other's misery and often chuckles and giggles when others show a dislike in her. She likes others that aren't exactly angels either, but is annoyed by "innocent" or "cute" people. She likes to tease people and especially likes bullying "weak" people. If she dislikes you, however, she'll resort to pulling your hair and making you a prime target of one of her pranks. She's also rude and obnoxious.

Solid!Miku often wears glasses. She's very intellegint and has a large vocabulary. She has a bit of a lack of emotions, however, and thinks mostly everthing logically rather than emotionally. She's rather blunt at times. She mainly likes people who are at least a little more intellegint than the average person, but dislikes any "deliquents". Though she'll never show being very happy, sad, ect., she will show a small smile, frown, ect. sometimes. She's also rather blunt.

Soft!Miku is very lax. She doesn't like doing lots of exersize, she'd rather take a nap. She likes soft things and will often rub against them like a cat. She is mostly always calm and it's impossible for her to dislike you... Though it's hard for her to like you to. She's mostly neutral towards everyone. She's rather forgetful, so never expect her to come on time for something. She also stretches out her words a lot.

Sweet!Miku is shy. She is scared and easily surprised and will jump at mostly everything. She tries to be polite and often worries that she's being rude. When scared she'll run, but then will probably fall down and then she'll start crying and will beg you not to hurt her. She also cries easily. She's easy to push around and she's pretty much harmless, she can't even hurt a fly. Seriously. But she is very kind and is happy when others are happy, but can be a worry wart if someone is upset.

Vivid!Miku is very hyper. She often talks fast and will get distracted a lot. She has a short attention span and if you don't watch her she'll walk off. It's impossible for her to sit still. She often asks lots of questions and can never seem to stop talking. She gets bored easily and will complain about how bored she is if she is. She will often run off with things for no apparent reason and makes dicisions with no thought process.

Light!Miku is very kind. She enjoys helping others and is very polite. She always puts herself before others, if she had a missing arm she'd still claim that she's just "fine". She will always protect the weak. But it's very easy to fool her, just say that you need "help" and she'll do almost anything you want, unless it's something bad. But even then just say a "good" reason for doing it and she'll gladly do it. She doesn't like negitive or "bad" people. She also compliments others a lot and may try to hide the "bad" emotions when she feels them. She's kind of motherly. And she judges by appearances a little, everything's always "good" or "bad" to her.

This is the true and real Miku. But she's changed. She is slightly depressed, but will try to look happy. She enjoys singing for others. She is slightly childish, but that's kind of uncommon now with the other personalities taking over. She dislikes people saying anything that they don't like about her, thinking that they are like masuta and how he did this to her to "improve" her. She gets nervous around people who resemble her masuta and has a strong dislike for anyone who looks like her, thinking them to be "another useless add-on". She will cry if she sees someone that is dressed like the old her. She's also the only one who can tell you what's going on with her.

To be recognized = A wish from zero
Please note that because Miku often switches personalities, this can change a lot.

Then even if I am to be rejected
At least you accept all of me~

My heart trampled upon, I was "corrected"
It seems that we shall always be enemies...

These words will surely come to destroy me
How long this affair lasts depends on how many of me like you

MIKU.H>* Really wanted to have a heart
So it seems that "I" am interested in you...

And declared smothering one's heart as justice
Are you sure that you truly know all of me?

MIKU.H02564>-To appease
At least one of me likes you

What was left on the stage were shadows = just puppets with no desires
Even I know nothing about you

An onlooker despised self-comfort as arrogance
Perhaps you should try again...

!!!!I hate those who act like gods, declaring the slightest of desires to be evil!!!!
Are you as bad as "I" think?

As I refused to let go of my reason for being
You have many selves too?

MIKU.H10099> the many - that is the rule
All you are is a useless add-on
:iconmatryoshka-ukim: :iconhimitsu-secretpolice:

- My shadows said to me
What!? More "updates"!?
:iconmatryoshka-ukim: :icontakolukamagurofever: :icontoeto-luka: :iconhimitsu-secretpolice:

MIKU.H02564> For someone who cannot follow their own dreams
Masuta... I... ha-... lo-... y-...


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Shoushitsu Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2010
". . ."
"You. . . kinda look like. . . me. . ."
She wipes some tears from her own eyes, staring.
MikuAppendDivi-Dest Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010
"And you... Look like how I used to look like before... Before... they came," Miku said. A few tears also came out of her eyes as she stared back.